Photo taken by Randall Levensaler

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trail Runners + Craft Beer

Trail runners are attracted to craft beer. It is a fact! I have yet to see an avid trail runner psyched to sip on a Miller Lite after his/her Sunday long run or race. Instead you will mostly likely find a trail runner with a New Belgium, Avery, Wanderlust, or Deschutes beverage in hand (among many other craft brews).

But why? How do those two pieces fit so well together?

On a flight to the Lake Sonoma 50 mile, I found myself trying to figure out this magnetism. It is somewhat comedic but I wouldn't doubt if there is some truth to these three points :)

1. Trail running is a tiny piece of the overall sport of running. Craft breweries are mainly small productions within the beer industry.  We are both niches and thrive on the communities we build around us.

2.  We both share a creative and adventurous side. Trail runners take the path less traveled and welcome surprise. Craft brewers experiment with different ingredients and formulas in order to find interesting and unique flavors.

3. Both entities require heightened senses.  The brew master makes sure to deliver a beverage that will please the sensitivity of our pallets, while trail runners are constantly in touch with how their body is responding to each uneven step on the trail.

I'm curious to hear what other avid trail runners think, and if they can add to this list.  I'm sure Sage Canaday, Rob Krar, and Max King may have some insight...considering they are sponsored by craft breweries :)