Photo taken by Randall Levensaler

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Change and Realization

A friend once told me that everything in life must change, that nothing can ever stay the same…not matter what you do or say.  At the time, I didn’t want to believe her. Everything in my life seemed to be going pretty well, so the thought of change stood out as a negative. It didn’t occur to me that change could actually symbolize something better…

No matter what, it is always intimidating when conducting any major life rearrangement. I have found that the key to a successful adjustment is finding a way to keep yourself (entirely) open to new experiences, throwing away expectations and welcoming advice.  I’ve only officially lived in Boulder for four days now, but can already feel a positive energy and sense the possibility for great opportunities. 
View of Boulder from the top of Sanitas

Besides uprooting my life and moving to Boulder, I’ve also made the decision to focus solely on ultra distances. My background stems from the short and fast. I’ve had a pretty decent “go” of it for quite some time, but feel a calling and desire to go the extra distance, literally. 
Debut Green Mtn. tag.

As I learn more about myself, who I am, what I want, one thing always stands out:  It is the sense and need for freedom. Spending extended time in the mountains is when I can most embrace this instinct.  There are no societal obstacles to tackle, but instead a limitless expanse where you have the opportunity to create your own frontiers and escapades. This is my definition of freedom.

I am excited to share my 2014 experiences and want to celebrate the journey with all of you. My aspirations for this year would not be made possible without the support and generosity of my amazing sponsors. Thank you to PepsiCo and their awesome food and beverage brands, and to Julbo, the best shades one can ask for, who share the same love for the sport, and who hope to help it grow.

Without further adieu…my 2014 list of adventures J
-       March 15th Chuckanut 50k
-       April 12th Lake Sonoma 50 mile
-       May – Road trip - Grand Canyon
-       June 1st Cayuga Trails 50 mile – USATF Trail 50 mile Champs
-       July – Road trip - New England (Vermont and New Hampshire...FKT attempt)
-       August 29th CCC Chamonix, France
December 6th TNF Endurance Challenge50 Mile Champs